The COVID-19 global pandemic has sent businesses reeling across the country. Many office buildings and corporate locations are still scrambling to put protective measures in place while following the ever-evolving federal, state, and local guidelines. And the addition of strict protocols has led to a higher demand for security officers to help enforce them.

The list of duties for security guards and officers has grown since the pandemic began, but a high-quality, well-trained security team will be able to meet the needs of your business and keep your employees safe. So should you hire security guards for added precautions against COVID-19? How will a security team help? We’re glad you asked!

Daily Health Checks

Your security team is the first line of defense – even against an invisible virus. The CDC recommends conducting daily symptoms and/or temperature screenings before employees enter the building each day, and your team of security officers is the best option for making sure the process goes smoothly. A trained security officer will maintain a safe distance while conducting the screening, ensure that proper PPE and face coverings are worn by themselves and the employee being screened, and will have a protocol in place for those who fail the screening test.

Separating Sick Employees

In the event that an employee fails a temperature screening or begins to show symptoms of sickness at work, security officers will separate that employee from others in a safe, respectful manner. Their role is to protect as many people as they can, so the officers will escort that employee out of the building while maintaining minimal contact with others. Security officers will also have a protocol in place for employees who are too sick to drive home and should have a list of viable transport options that can take sick employees to a healthcare provider or home.

Identify Needs and Accommodations

While Human Resources is responsible for establishing reasonable accommodations, it can be challenging to identify and address all of these cases in a large corporation. Folks with hearing disabilities, mental health conditions, or breathing difficulties may find it challenging to wear masks throughout the whole workday, but may not know their options or rights as an employee. Security officers are on the ground every day, coming face-to-face with a majority of a company’s workforce. They can help identify employees who require reasonable accommodations and direct them to the proper channels to make sure they are keeping others safe, too.

Make Recommendations for Protective Measures

Putting protective measures in place can be hard when you don’t know the daily tasks of a given job. As such, your safety protocols may need to be adjusted or updated, and a security team can make recommendations to you based on what they’re trained to see. Maybe your building would benefit from floor markings, plexiglass barriers, or hand sanitizing stations as employees or visitors enter the building. Security guards will identify these potential hazards and recommend changes when appropriate.

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With Our Best Regards: Maher Husseini, Ph.D