Private Security

Many potential clients ask me how a business owner can make an informed decision about protecting their business assets and securing their property without spending too much money on security measures. To do this, sometimes you need to consider other approaches to achieve the safety level you need for your premises. If you think your business needs some type of security measures but you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision for your business and make you a winner! When you need to make changes to the security of your business, it may involve hiring a security guard company. If you’re unsure whether or not you need this service, here are some of the top reasons you may need to hire security guards.

Reasons You May Need a Security Guard Service

1. Problems with Security Equipment

Security equipment such as security cameras, access control systems, security alarm devices, and more can easily be broken (sometimes intentionally) and costly to fix and support. Also, without regular maintenance, these systems can become useless. By contrast, security guards can keep you and your property secured at all times.

2. Vacant Buildings Around Your Property

Vacant buildings and places, even if they are only vacant on the weekends or after hours, can be an invitation for major trouble. Having security guards will keep you and your property secure at all times, even when no one else is around.

3. To Help Create a Guest Plan

If you have a lot of visitors and guests who visit your property, you may want to consider a security guard company. We can help you develop a visitor plan that regulates access to your entrances exits. We have worked with both residential and commercial properties to establish a secure guest plan, usually, after the properties have experienced incidents with visitors.

4. Employee Theft of Inventory

Employee dishonesty can be a big problem. Annual business loss due to employee theft is around $50 billion nationwide and the average business loses over $1 million due to this very preventable security issue. A security guard helps discourage employee theft and saves you money.

5. You Keep Valuable Inventory Around

Whether you have cash or machinery or retail goods, companies with a lot of inventory on hand are targets for thieves. Companies that deal with easily stolen and valuable goods such as construction materials – hand tools, wood, sheetrock, aluminum, other metals, etc. – are especially vulnerable. A security guard can help keep your inventory safe and make your business less of a target.

6. Your Business is in a Higher Crime Area

A higher crime rate in the neighborhood your business is located could mean trouble for you, your customers, your employees, and your business. Crime in your area can lead to lost business, property destruction and devaluation, and the loss of important clients. A security guard helps keep everyone safe and makes your business, no matter where it is located, more attractive to clients.

7. To Protect Sensitive Information

Cybercriminals and your competitors certainly wouldn’t mind knowing all about your business. Sensitive information like customer info, prices, vendors, employee info, credit card data, and more can be a major target. The ability to keep sensitive data secure in 2020 can make or break a business. An experienced security guard company is a huge part of a complete cybersecurity program as they can keep your computers safe from someone physically accessing them who shouldn’t be.

8. For a Quick Response to an Immediate Protection Threat

Cuts in funding for police have made them understaffed and overworked and this problem is only getting worse. Emergency situations don’t wait though. Calling the police and waiting for them to arrive can take more time than you have in some situations. Having a security guard on site will give you someone to deal with a threat immediately and help keep your business and your people safe from real danger.

9. To Provide Immediate Emergency Help

Reputable security companies train their security guards to deal with all types of emergencies in addition to security threats. If your business were to experience a medical emergency, a fire, a hazardous materials situation, etc., security guards can provide the right help at the right time when an emergency happens.

10. You’re Worried About Theft and Shoplifting Violence

The simple fact is, criminals are much less likely to target businesses for theft, shoplifting, and robbery if there is a security guard on-premise. This will not only protect your business but also give you incredible peace of mind.

11. You Have Late Hour Employees

When employees have to work later hours at night or you have guests in after dark, a security guard will help ensure their safety and make them feel much more comfortable and secure.

12. When Looting and Demonstrations Happen

We live in very tumultuous and uncertain times. You never know when a natural disaster, a protest, or even a riot can happen in your neighborhood. When civil unrest happens and looting results, a security guard company will be your first line of defense for saving your property, your assets, and maybe even your life.

13. For Security Consulting

When you hire the right security guard company, we will consult with you on a regular basis to provide advice on best practices and procedures and your current security systems. This will help better enhance and protect your whole business, even beyond just the physical areas that security guards patrol.

14. If People Are Not Obeying Traffic or OSHA Regulations

For any type of property owner, there are local, state, and federal guidelines you have to follow to keep compliant. Not doing so can result in huge fines and penalties or even losing your business eventually. If you have residents, guests, employees, or anyone else is not obeying these rules and regulations on your property, a security guard can help make sure the rules are followed and everyone stays safe.

15. To Supervise Custodial Visitations and Ex-Spousal Visits

There are not many more volatile situations than custodial or ex-spousal visits. A security guard on-site can help oversee these situations to ensure everyone’s safety and deal with any issue immediately if it starts to get out of hand.

16. To Conduct Coronavirus (COVID-19) scans on Employees and Guests

Right now, this is a huge benefit of hiring a security guard company. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. To help keep your employees and guests safe and to ensure your business does not get shut down as a result of an outbreak, security guards can help take temperatures and monitor other coronavirus symptoms on site. They also are specially trained in these procedures and protective measures so you won’t have to endanger yourself or your employees by taking on or giving them this responsibility.

17. It’s Tax-Deductible!

Hiring a security guard can basically be free in many cases. You should consult your CPA or bookkeeper to see how these tax deductions may affect you and your money can best be spent.

You can get a free consultation and estimate from Jaguar Security & Investigations Corp. We will help diagnose what your security needs are and how much it would cost you to be protected by an experienced, reputable, professional security guard company like Jaguar Security.