This is a true story of a case taken on by Jaguar Security and Investigations. The names, places, and other identifying details have been changed to protect the participant’s identities. All the events are real. 

Our client, Sammy, is a single, successful businessman in his 40’s. Angel is a 23-year-old woman who works as a bartender to support her education and living expenses. Sammy recently was introduced to Angela through a mutual friend.

Sammy and Angel hit it off right away. They went on a few dates, had a great time and after a few dates, she said she really liked him. For his part, Sammy liked Angel too. He bought her gifts and even loaned her some cash when she came to him saying she was a little short on her bills.

On a stormy day a few weeks ago, Angel talked Sammy into heading up to a resort about 3-hours away to have a romantic long weekend and ride out the storm. Even though the trip seemed long for the weather, she convinced Sammy to go and even talked him into riding up his brand-new Orange Sport Chevy Camaro. The car was not a good choice for that kind of trip in the snow but Angel insisted and Sammy, wanting to keep his young girlfriend happy, obliged.

They made it to the resort safely and decided to drop their luggage in the room before heading out to dinner. After the 3-hour ride, Sammy to Angel he wanted to freshen up with a quick shower before they headed downstairs. After a few minutes in the shower, Angel came in. She was completely naked with only a small towel wrapped around her hand. Sammy smiled, closed his eyes to wash the shampoo out of his hair, and waited for Angel to join him.

As Sammy turned though Angel stepped into the shower and BOOM! Angel stabbed Sammy in the neck with a knife she has concealed under a towel. Sammy felt sharp pain. Confused, he first covered up and then tried to defend himself but Angel kept stabbing. He finally was able to get away from Angel and the knife and lunge out the door of the hotel room. Once in the hall, Sammy started yelling for help.

Sammy was incredibly lucky that day. Right down the hall was an Emergency Room Nurse on her honeymoon with her husband. The nurse sprang into action. She grabbed all the towels in her room and ran to Sammy’s side. With her emergency training and her new husband’s help, she was able to stop the bleeding until a medical helicopter, called by another hotel guest, arrived.

Sammy was airlifted to a nearby hospital and miraculously, against all odds, he survived. The doctors told him that most people who come in with 28 stab wounds to the neck and back don’t make it.

As Sammy was loaded in the helicopter to head to the hospital, Angel started planting the seeds for her defense. She began hysterically telling the witnesses at the hotel that Sammy had tried to kill her and that she stabbed him (28 times!) to defend herself. She took off before the police arrived.

The police would eventually track Angel down in a nearby abandoned building. After being interviewed by the police, the investigator told Sammy they couldn’t press charges against her because her story of self-defense was believable. But, so was Sammy’s story of an innocent date gone terribly wrong. The police would not make an arrest. Not of Sammy, the 40-something businessman or the woman, who was actually 18 and not named Angel.

So, what happened in these last few weeks and in that hotel room? Was “Angel” after money? The sports car? Was there something more sinister at play? That is what Sammy hired Jaguar Security and Investigations to find out.

Jaguar Security and Investigations is an industry leader in the world private investigation and security. We help people prove their innocence, catch them in the act, and help people who have lost a loved one in a violent way, were a victim of a crime where the criminal walked away, lost a child through kidnapping, and more.

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With our best regards: Maher Husseini, Ph.D.