Retail stores have finally opened their doors to the throngs of visitors after the pandemic. As stores reopen in the holiday and high-risk seasons, it is time for you to step up on security! All your priceless wares deserve to be stowed away from the grasp of muggers! 

Here is a list of ways you can take care of your shop’s security without burning a hole in your budget!

Keep A Check On The Entrants

Most businesses experience burglaries during the open and closing times. The stores are often ambushed in the dark hours and not every small shop can hire a security guard. We understand the drill and hence would suggest you get Door Camera Systems installed. 

The cameras will keep a check on the entrants and any suspicious activity around the shop and help you breathe a sigh of relief!

Secure Your Cash Till

The main target for any burglar or mob is the cash till! 

Whether you keep it boxed at the back of the shop or place it on the counter, the choice is up to you. But when it comes to its security, you would require more than a padlock. The best way to keep your cash secure is to get your hands on the digitally coded locks. 

Although, it is ideal to utilize online cash transfers and QR codes in the post-pandemic world!

Install A High-Tech Alarm System

While we are still speaking of cash tills and security concerns, it is impossible to miss the need for alarm systems! 

Every store regardless of its niche has wares and amenities worth a lot more than the price tag on the first product. To keep your equipment, goods, and attachments safe from any and every random kleptomaniac, you need a high-tech alarm system that is accurate, loud, and effective enough to save you from the hit!

Jaguar Protection takes care of everything with their vigilant alarm systems!

Run Background Checks On Your Staff

Staff is too often involved in mysterious events that lead to the most significant financial losses to any business, regardless of its size. You need a trusted agency to run checks on your potential crew before signing any employment paperwork! 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, when you wrap up business to head home for rest and recreation, you never know when you might get called back in due to a security issue during the high-risk season! 

You need a comprehensive security solution that protects your business from break-in and protects your mind from unnecessary worries! 

From private investigators to high-security systems, Jaguar Protection is exactly what you need! Get in touch with our front desk about your latest concerns to get a response that immediately eases you.

Keep your shop and store secure in the holiday season, let Jaguars guard the site for you! Because to us, each client is equally important.