Online dating has been trending for more than a decade now! With the vast variety of dating apps available to swipe right or swipe left, the catfish in each pool have also enhanced their traps to catch the best prey. 

If you have just found your steps to the exhilarating world of online dating, then here is a quick guide to get you prepared. Remember self-defense is the best offense! 

Keeping that in mind, let’s get started. 

What Is A Catfish?

Catfish was a term coined in the 2010s to describe an individual scamming potential lover online with fake images. When someone sets up a fake online profile to trick people who are alone or seeking companionship/love/hookups online, these bigger fish tend to trap them for money. 

Here are a few red flags that you must be careful about.

Signs Of A Catfish

  • Their profile is unavailable on any other platform. You may find similar profiles but the images are either unavailable or don’t match. 
  • They may fool you for smaller amounts of money within the first few days or weeks of dating.
  • They will ‘fall’ in love with you within a few days.
  • They avoid face-to-face interactions and video calls.
  • They seem to be too good to be true!
  • Their stories don’t quite add up and seem to have many loose ends.

How To Beware Of The Dirty Fish?

If you know of someone who has been catfished or has seen similar red flags in a person who has been a love interest of yours. Here are a few ways you can catch the catfish before it guts you!

Social Media Surveillance

Social media surveillance is the most sure-shot way of identifying an online predator. Look up their name on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps to verify their name and other details. Make sure that they have normal pictures that either age chronologically or are not very high in quality. 

Remember frauds often use royalty-free images of models online to catch the largest fish. 

Face-to-face Interactions

Give them a video call or ask them out on a real date. If they keep making up stories about not being able to see you face-to-face or keep creating far-fetched fables about their hesitance for the camera, you must be prepared to cut your ties to them!

Don’t Give Them A Dime

Yes. When they ask for financial help, even for $20, you must not offer to pay for anything. If the relationship is too new and the person hasn’t interacted with you in person then this is a signature move that you must beware of!

Bring A Private Investigator Onboard 

If you have already been conned or are worried about the intentions of a potential partner, a private investigator can put your mind to rest. Hire Jaguar Protection for a private and confidential investigation. They will untangle all the loose ends and help you make the best choice!

Final Thoughts

Your security matters most. Make sure that you don’t serve your heart and wallet on a platter to the first person who comes bearing hearts and flowers. 

If you are worried about your security online or otherwise, let Jaguar Protection protect you. Your security comes first to us! 

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